Monday, March 14, 2011

Class of 2010 - Belinda

I am a mum with so many stories to tell. Lately I have been so busy 'living' my story I have not had time to record it. Does any one have any tips to share on how they record their stories? I try and write things in a diary and jot notes at the end of each week of things that have happened. Like last week when Max walked into Woolworths and started to sing the Coles jingle..."down down, prices are down!"

When I saw this Grad 2010 chipboard it reminded me of the story when graduation photos made me cry last year. I had to use it on this layout and tell yet another story. In a nutshell it also confirms what a photo freak I am!

To read the journaling just visit my blog.
Have a great week, hope your ironing pile is not as large as mine ;)

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KerrynF said...

OMGoodness he looks so handsome!
A beautifully scrapped memory xoxo.