Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's up Skip! - Kerryn

Morning to all!
I just can't get enough of chipboard ATM
I have been inking and painting and glittering all sorts of pieces and thoroughly enjoyed myself doing it! Admittedly some chipboard may have been tortured in the process, but I think it has stood up extremely well. :)

The page I want to share with you today has a number of gorgeous 2 Crafty pieces on it. I tried to create a scenery collage to work with my photo, starting with Birds on a wire across the top of the page. Each bird has been inked and then roughly doodled around the edge.


Working my way down, I have inked, stickled and paper backed 2 Phoebe's Trees and then added some buttons and a doodled Buzzy Bee.

The Old Fence has been rusted using my technique in August seen here I love the finished look.


Sadly it was the Corner Large Flower Vine that was tortured and dismantled.
I have cut it into smaller pieces to spread around the page. It has been painted, two toned inked and stickled for a bit of dazzle.

Then finally I have added some Sakura Flowers, they have been inked, stickled and doodled.


Hopefully you are still here reading, here is my finished page:

What's up Skip!


Thanks for dropping by the blog!


Michelle W said...

Love what you have done here Kerryn and the overall look you have achieved !
Just brilliant !!!

Rachael said...

Brillant!!! So much to look at-Love this 1....