Friday, February 23, 2024

today - by Robin Schelin

Hi ladies! 

Today I am sharing a sweet layout of my granddaughter from years back. I thinks she was about 5 here, she's almost 20 now! Her 15 years older makes ME 15 years older too! Wow! Hard to believe how fast time goes by. But I'm still plugging along!! 

I didn't use as much chipboard on this layout as I usually do. You don't always need a lot, especially if you use other elements, like flowers, leaves and such. Sometimes less is more!  


Frame Heart Strings


Heart Clumps

Gesso, Gesso, Gesso ladies!!

I used the beautiful Frame Heart Strings to accent and bring the eye to the photos. I used Prima's Greystone from the Woodlands Water Color Set. I tried to get the color of the hearts to match that little grey flower on the patterned paper at the upper left of the photos. I went lighter on the hearts themselves and then darker on the rim to create contrast.

I painted the title, today, with White Acrylic Paint to keep it simple. I wanted it to be seen, but not jump out at you.

The Heart Clumps, under the title, were painted with  watercolor the same as the Frame Heart Strings rim. I think painting it the same creates continuity with the overall composition.

And that's it! Hope you like it and it has inspired you to try just using a few well placed chipboard pieces. to get your desired look. 

See you next time...xx