Wednesday, August 23, 2023

you are my Life ~ by Robin Schelin

Hi everybody. Welcome back to the blog. 

Today I am sharing a romantic layout with you. I chose muted tones to scrap this because of the tranquil colors and feel of this photo. To me it says "peace and quiet". Hope you like it.

"you are my Life"

Beautiful 2Crafty used:

Loopy Heart Swirl
Lattice Leaves
Berry Branch
This is my Life

Firstly, a generous coating of white and black Gesso on the chipboard. I always do this even if I don't add other mediums. Sometimes Gesso is all you need to get the intensity you are looking for.

Here is one of the Loopy Heart Swirls. I painted it with black Gesso and left it at that. I wanted black, and that did the trick. I didn't need to add black paint, because this was enough. Easy!

Here also is one of the little Lattice Leaves tucked in under the flowers. with this layout having black accents, I wanted just a touch more black on that side. This also just coated with black Gesso.

I used the Berry Branch on the bottom here, next to the flowers, to bring the design on the paper from the left of the flowers around creating a sweeping motion completing the flower cluster. I used 3 Prima Quick Dry Fluid Chalk Ink colors to get the color I wanted. I used English Ivy, Turquoise Stone and Tin Can. I played around with dabbing each one till I got a color that was closest to the color of the design on the paper.

And just a few more Lattice Leaves in black to make the flowers pop.

 Well, the title was a bit more of a challenge. The title, This is my Life, is a very delicate piece. I had it covered with white gesso, good so far! Then when I was giving it a second coat (because I was going to paint it) ..... then the "This" part of the title came off and got mangled in the sponge applicator that I used to apply the Gesso!  I'm left with "is my Life'????
I said "s**t!... More than once!! Well, now what? I went outside and sat down to think about what to do about this little mishap, and decided that this mistake was not going to defeat me.  I went back to my desk, trimmed the "is" off it and heat embossed it with  Pearl Ultra Thick Embossing Powder, because I was NOT going to use paint now! I was mad at the thought! The embossing turned out better than paint would have anyway.  I didn't even need that second coat of Gesso. Grr! Then I looked through some Tim Holtz words and found the "you" and the "are" and placed them with the title because it needed some kind of explanation!!

Another Loopy Heart Swirl under the salvaged title, and it's done! Sometimes you are really glad when a project is finished! Especially when things don't go as planned. Gotta make that lemonade whenever you can!

So, I really hope my story has inspired you to make your own lemonade when those lemons come along, as inevitably they will! Even a seemingly ruined piece of 2Crafty can be saved!

Until next time, xxx Robin