Monday, April 17, 2023

Forever in my Heart ~ by Robin Schelin

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the wonderful 2Crafty blog.

Today I am sharing a layout depicting a warm summer day. I am really looking forward to summer and this photo just warms me up!  I don't usually use yellow, because I find it hard to work with. I have started and then stopped more than a few projects because could never get the yellows to work! But I was determined to stick with it this time, and this is the result! Hope you like it!

 "Forever in my Heart"

2Crafty Chippies used:

Window Shutter Set 2

Element Set 1

Heart Clumps

Old Fence

Lavender Shrub

Forever in my Heart

As usual, all the chipboard was first coated with white gesso. I did a couple of techniques that probably didn't need gesso, but I like to seal the chipboard just in case. I have ruined chipboard in the past by not sealing it, so lesson learned!

Up top, under the photo, I placed the piece of the Element Set 1. I cut this piece in half, then placed it under the photo at the top of the Window Shutter Set 2 to fill in that area.  I painted it with 2 coats of White Gesso. I wanted white, but not bright white.

I placed a few of the Lavender Shrubs under the flowers along side the photo to extend the flower cluster. I also just painted them with white gesso.

Here is the Old Fence. I wanted it to have a rustic look, so I applied Decor Art Weathered Wood Working Medium and 2 different colors of brown Acrylic Paint.  I like how it turned out. 

Here also are some of the Heart Clumps. I painted them with 2 coats of White Gesso to give them a more subtle appearance than painting them with White paint. Again, didn't want bright white.

The title, Forever in my Heart, was painted with a mixture of brown Acrylic Paints. I used the same colors used on the fence. I did that to create uniformity of color since the flowers have brown centers and the butterflies also have brown in them.

Then I placed some more Heart Clumps under the flowers on the bottom to give a little added interest to that area. It also adds to the message of the title.

Here is the beautiful Window Shutter Set 2. All of the Window Shutter Sets are gorgeous. They come in different sizes to accommodate every need for your designs. I chose this one because it is the bigger one and I needed it to be wide enough to support all the flowers and still be seen. I painted it with a mixture of Green Acrylic Paints and then dabbed on some Unbleached Titanium paint to weather it.

Lastly, I added some more of the Lavender Shrubs here to mimic the flowers on the left side of the photo to balance out the composition.

I hope you like this project and that I have inspired you to dig out that color that gives you fits, and stick with it until you have a project that you are happy with! 

See you all back in a few weeks with more 2Crafty magic!