Wednesday, November 30, 2022

'Design Artist' by Emma Zappone BONUS VIDEO

Hello everyone. Em with you today on this last day of November. 
Today's share introduces you to Cora, a graphic design artist from New York.
She gets a lot of her inspiration from the urban lifestyle she lives. Graffiti artists and fashion designers are her main inspo for most of her designs. Check out the process video here.

Here are the main pieces featured in this layout....

6" Funky Line Panel 
6" Zipper Frames
9" Steampunk Border

I really wanted to capture that inner city vibe where one can be inspired by other artists. I love how the chosen chipboard are eclectic visually but together on the page compliment each other. I have also cut portions from some of the chipboard to maximize usage for other projects.

Lets start with the Funky Lined Panel. I cut a couple of different sizes to start with from the original panel and painted with black Gesso. Once that was dry, I then stamped lightly with some white ink and a ticket stamp to give some detail to the panels.

The Zipper frame really adds a little quirk. I painted this in black Gesso also and left it matte.

I repeated the process for the Steampunk border with the Gesso but left the paint a little more rough to add a slight weathered look to the chipboard. With this Steampunk piece I only wanted to use the chain part of this design, so I cut these off the actual border. You can see all this in the Video.

Using the simple black gesso really made these pieces stand out on their own. 

I really enjoyed the process and love the end result. I hope you do too.
Be sure to check out the video to see it all come together.

See you all soon.
Em xx