Monday, September 5, 2022

"You Hold the Key" ~ by Robin Schelin

 Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog.

Todays project is something a little different. The photo is certainly a little different!  A little other worldly, maybe? 

I messed around with this layout for a while (grrr) before I came to the decision to use all the colors in the photo instead of just using one or two. I think that even though it's a bit busy, using all the colors gives it uniformity. Hope you like it.

"You Hold the Key"

2Crafty Chippies used:

You Hold the Key to My Heart

Square Collage Panel

Ava's Frame

Flourish Adornment Set 5

Film Strips Medium

As always, first a coat of gesso on the chipboard. This time both black and white.

Starting at the top left, here is the flourish from the Flourish Adornment Set 5. I painted it with White Acrylic Paint then dabbed it a little with Grey Acrylic Paint. I tried to bring in a little of the grey from the right side of the patterned paper.

Also, I used the frame part of Ava's Frame on the photo painted with Grey Acrylic Paint.

The swirly part of Ava's Frame (so pretty!) was painted with White Acrylic Paint, then dabbed just a little with Grey Acrylic Paint to also bring in a little of the grey from the patterned paper.

The Film Strips were painted with Black and While Acrylic Paint.

I painted the Square Collage Panel that is here, and at the top under the photo, with Black Gesso and then dabbed it with Grey Acrylic paint. I tried with all the chipboard to bring in the greys from the right side to balance out the colors.

Finally, I only used "You Hold the Key" from the title piece You Hold the Key to My heart. I used "my Heart" on another layout a while ago. The titles from 2 Crafty are so versatile, you can easily cut them up to fit your project. I have done this a few times when it is either too big, or I needed part of a title, or just a word. 

I painted it with Black and White Acrylic Paint to balance with the Film Strips.

I hope you like this and it has inspired you to try using all the colors in your photos when choosing your paper, chipboard and embellishments. 

See you back in a few weeks......