Thursday, October 21, 2021

Let’s Explore
By Marie Claude Rodier


For this layout, I went outside my shabby confort zone and opted for a soft steampunk inspiration.
I dug into my 2 Crafty stash for gears and chained elements.
Final result is halfway my usual style and something new and different. I really like it.

Let’s Explore

Let’s Explore final look is from a multi-layered process of metallic black, silver and teal
acrylic paints and waxes.


Chained Circle Frame, Giant Gears and Steampunk Medium Gears were all basecoated
with gesso and embossed with sparkling white powder. Bronze wax was also added here
and there as shading. 

Circle Word Tag Set 2 piece was basecoated with gesso and highlighted with green watercolor.

2Crafty product used…

Chained Circle Frames

Giant Gears

Steampunk Gears Medium

Circle Word Tag Set 2

Let’s Explore

Until next time, be happy and be creative!

Marie Claude