Monday, September 13, 2021

"Mum's Day"
By Charmane Sharp

 Sometimes its not about a perfect photo,
but the moment you captured that is the reason
you create a layout.

That is why I created with these photos, to remember
Mothers Day and my son taking me to a country nursery
to buy some new plants.

A special memory and I love that he took a selfie of us,
and pulled the garden cart around for me.

2Crafty chipboard used...

Mini Decorative Frame set 8
Adornment set 1
Ornate Chunky Hearts
Alphabet set 1
Angie's Vines

By adding Angie's Vine in my fussy cut flower cluster it creates textural
difference and contrast. By cutting it into two pieces I get two separate elements 
to add in with my flowers. After a coat of Gesso I added some light green
watercolour exposing some Gesso too for a soft finish. 

Using the Heart as the base for my title I coated it with two shades of 
Lilac wax and then made my title with the alphabet pieces. The letters
were coated with wax in a grunge style to show some Gesso through
to coordinate with the vine. The alphabet sets are great to make unique
titles to suit your art.

These mini flourish pieces are a great addition. After rubbing on some wax
 randomly I tucked them in, coming out from my flowers. They are a part
of the Adornment set and the long Flourish piece was cut in two and lined
up under the photos as per the above picture.

I love the addition of the Frame at the top of the door. Some pinky mauve wax
was applied first with some purple around the outside. 

This is a lovely floral layout to reflect our time together at the nursery. I hope
you have been inspired to choose some 2Crafty chipboard for your next layout.

Until next time...

Charmane x