Thursday, September 23, 2021

"Delight in Every Moment" - by Robin Schelin

 Hi all! 

 I know, Robin again? 

 Yes, I'm back after only a couple days to share with you another layout done with beautiful
chipboard from 2Crafty.  I just can't stay away!! lol!
 I am addicted to this stuff! Anyway, I hope you like this delicate, girly layout!

"Delight in Every Moment"

Chipboard used:

Delight in Every Moment - title 
Sami's Swirls
Glenda's Swirl

You may be thinking, where is the rest of the chipboard she used?
 This is it!  I know I usually use a lot more, but this time I wanted to keep it simple.
Sometimes less is more, and I think this layout needed less since the pieces I chose are good sized.

As always, I prepped them all with white gesso before altering them.

On the title, Delight in Every Moment, I kept it simple because the font is so delicate I didn't want to ruin it. All I did was paint it with Acrylic Paint and then wipe some white gesso over it to soften it up.

This is the very beautiful Glenda's Swirl.  I used a mixture of Acrylic Paint in browns and greys and then dabbed it on with a stippling brush to give it texture.

I used the same technique on the Sami's Swirl on the left side as I used on Glenda's 
swirl on the bottom. I love these swirls and the how feminine they are.

And there you have it. Very simple.  You don't need a lot of chipboard to make your layout beautiful.  And you don't need difficult techniques either.  A few pieces of well placed, well embellished chipboard goes a long way to completing a composition.

Until next month, stay safe, and happy scrapbooking!