Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"Perfect YOU" by Robin Schelin

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the 2crafty blog. 

I'm back again to share another project full of 2crafty goodness! 

 This layout is of my grand daughter, Allison.  She does not like this particular photo I took
of her when she was around 10.
She's 21 now so I am hoping she will like it more after she sees it on a layout. 

Yeah... she will definitely like it more!! 

"Perfect YOU"

2crafty chipboard featured:

Element Set 1

Flourish Adornment Set 6

Foliage Set 6

Perfect as YOU are

Circle Revolution Frames

 For the Title piece, "Perfect as YOU are",  I only used the words "Perfect and You".  The other words, "as and are" didn't fit into the space, (and I tried really hard to make them fit!). So I cut them off.  

Shh, don't tell on me!!

I painted the word "Perfect" with acrylic paint.

  I covered "You" with white gesso then used fine white glitter.

For the "Circle Revolution Frame", I also used white gesso followed with fine white glitter.
  On the center circle I placed a light pink ribbon.

On the "Flourish Adornment Set 6" I also applied white gesso followed by the same fine white glitter

Then I Used Glimmer Mist Spray on the "Foliage Set 6" to give them a little shimmer.

For the "Element Set 6" again I used white gesso, but then used a thicker white and silver glitter just to add some depth, and so I didn't end up with white overload on the chipboard.


When using glitter,  I have found a little trick that helps me from getting glitter all over my layout and keeps the mess down to a dull roar:


After I have glittered my piece and it has set, I spray it with hairspray and let it dry. Really works to keep the glitter in place and it will not rub off in your hands when handling it.

You're welcome!!

Ok, that's it for me. Stay safe and keep scrapbooking!