Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Life is wonderful
By Charmane Sharp

 My first post for 2021,
is a lovely holiday moment
enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

2Crafty chipboard used...

Moroccan Panel
Life is Wonderful- Title
Mini Flourish Bits

Moroccan Panel is a lovely texture piece easy to cut up and
add a tropical lift to your layout. After a coat of Gesso I applied Prima 
Metallic Watercolour.

Mini Flourish Bits are versatile when cut into individual pieces
and placed amongst decorative details. Aqua Watercolours were
painted on the pieces to match my composition.

Prima Metallic Watercolours give the title a blended shoreline feel.
Such a perfect title for the way I was feeling in this moment.

A couple of close up photos to show the layers in my configuration. I love to
blend chipboard pieces with resin ones as a contrast. I hope you enjoy a
little vacation this year. I am currently enjoying a road trip to Exmouth,
Shark Bay and Kalbarri. Need this break after 2020.

Thanks for stopping by,

Until next time,
Charmane x