Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Album - Alice in Wonderland
By Elena Martynova

Hello! lovely creative friends!
 Today I'd like to share with you my new inspiration -
 a mixed media album with amazing 2Crfaty products!

I've been creating this album for a whole year. 
Now with gusto making several pages at once, then putting it off for several months. 
Originally there were supposed to be five spreads but 
I had a lot of paper left, so I made two more.

I also had to redo the binding, which further increased the album's creation time.

There were no thoughts at all about the cover. I kept sorting through
 the pieces of fabric and suede... but there was nothing suitable. 
I decided to use linen with gray stripes, but it had to be combined with 
something and so successfully came a piece of scarlet linen. 
I wrapped them around the ends of the pages, the spine, and added them to the front cover.

Size 26x26 cm, spine thickness 9 cm

First, I stamped the fabric on the cover and applied crackle paste through a stencil.
Chipboard covered with black embossing powder.

Layered pieces of paper, lace and cutting.

Decorated with flower metal door handle and toppings: with micro beads and glitter.

I invite you to view the album review with all the secrets
 and openers, and then photos of the pages.


I painted chipboards with metallic colors by the Fabrika Decoru.

On the cover and this spread I used these 
2Crafty Chipboard pieces....


I like the second spread very much due to the contrasting 
combination of pink and blue paper. Very beautiful contrast.

Pages were decorated with a Moroccan Bits chippies.

The third spread is in pink and beige colors. 
I added a bit of contrast by coloring the chipboard in blue shades.

On these spread here are the chippies:


The fourth spread  is also my favorite. 
Mainly due to how well the chipboard fit in here.

This is how the inside of the page is decorated
an Elegant Flourishes chippie and a bit of stamping underneath.

The large dial is only half-glued to the page.

This spread is the richest on the chipboards,
 I made a separate collage for it.


The fifth spread, which should have been the last.
It looks unusual due to the diamond-openers.

I'm just in love in this chip frame Lucy's Flourish with curls  :)))

The sixth spread was very rich due to the paper prints.
I don't really like it, but it's here unusual triangular opening pages.

These chips were used in the fifth and sixth spreads

Frame Lucy's Flourish

And finally the final seventh spread.

Here are the chips on this spread

Flower Medallions

Well, that's probably all I wanted to show you today.
 I would like to inspire you to creative achievements. 
I appreciate your feedback, feedback is always immensely inspiring.
 Thank you for your attention, friends! Create together with 2Crafty, 
create your own fairy stories, it is very interesting and exciting.
Elena xoxo