Friday, July 10, 2020

"This Is The New Normal
By Sabrina Turpin

Hello 2Crafty fans!

Summer season is well underway here in Quebec but it's a very strange one this year.
 2020 is unlike anything we ever seen or experienced in our lifetime.
 One little virus made it so we can't fully be ourselves, we can't do all the things we 
like to do, hug the people we love to hug.
 But all in all, we're glad that our family is together and we haven't lost any loved ones.
We're rediscovering joy in the little things of life. 

"This is the New Normal"

On the "Lace Doily Frame", I used my finger to apply a teal wax. 
Then, on top of it, I applied watercolour navy paint.

On the "Addy's Butterflies", I applied a navy wax and a white pearl embossing powder on top of it.
 On the "6x4 Phrase Sticks Set 1", I applied 2 coats of teal embossing powder. 
For the "Maggie's Swirl", I used pink-gold shimmering paint and added a pink embossing ink on top.

For the title, "This is the new normal", I used a midnight-gold embossing ink.

I used the following 2Crafty chipboards in this layout:

Lace Doily Frame [fr0130]
Maggie's Swirl [m00336]
Addy's Butterflies [m00581]
6x4 Phrase Sticks Set 1 [m0870]
Covid-19 [cov004]

That's all for me today!
I hope you enjoyed this layout and that it gave you ideas for your own creations! 
I'll be back soon with more inspiration to share with you guys.
 Until then, stay safe and if you're under lockdown, then it's the perfect time for more crafting!

 See you in a few weeks!