Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Bright Layout
With Yulia Pospelova

Hello, everybody.
Today I want to share my new layout with you,  I wanted to make something bright, so
I came up with the idea with clowns and Charlie Chaplin. 

 I used a lot of 2crafty chipboard: 

 Well, you can see the red balls at the central photo. I decided to continue with this idea, 
so I cut out the red circles and added them to my layout.

 Also, there are circles in the 2crafty chipboard 
ie..the ClockFace frames and 6" Circle Barbed Wire Frames.

 From the ClockFace Frames, I took not only the dial, but also the contour form.
I covered them with different patinas and added them to the layout. 

 The idea of circles can also be traced in Sequins Negative Bits, 
but I decided to use it as a background. 

 Thank you all for your attention.
 I am traditionally very happy to have your feedback.
Yulia Pospelova was with you.
 See you soon