Monday, April 6, 2020

The Bright Contrast Layout
With Yulia Pospelova

Hello, my creative ones!
Today Yulia Pospelova is with you again and here's my new project.
 As you know, the dreadful situation is not so simple in many countries
and I'm really worried about all of you & all my friends.
Take care of yourself and your beloved ones.

 While I can't go outside, I'm getting more and more creative,
 after all, it helps to relax while being in such unusual circumstances.

The theme of my layout was chosen for some reason.
People love to travel, but while it is impossible, I suggest you to surround yourself
by your little dreams.

 I used such 2crafty chipboard: 

Have you noticed this path on my layout? I have wanted to make
 something like this for such a long time!

I've chosen a small and medium dial from the ClockFace Discs and covered it with the yellow embossing powder. Combined with a grey chipboard, I've got a brown-gold color.
 This is an amazing discovery!

I've taken three parts from Sequences Negative Beats and covered them with black gesso.
On the right side, I just sprayed them with different colors and also I added white dusting
 to the chipboard on the left under the picture. This was supposed to make the snow illusion.

I covered the Light Bulbs with the embossing powder and added it to my layout

Thank you all for visiting.
I will be very happy to read your comments.
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