Friday, March 6, 2020

A Layout About Summer With A Touch of Autumn
By Yulia Pospelova

Hello, everyone.
I am here with you again and this time I want to blow some warmth
and light into your inspiration by my new creation.
 This page is about summer with an autumn touch.
Why autumn?! It shows bright colors of this season.

2Crafty Products Used: 



I'm from Siberia. Sometimes my summer starts only in July. And now, in winter,
 I really wanted to feel warmth, catch butterflies and enjoy bright colors.

I use a lot of 2Crafty products in my work. I love this chipboard very much and sometimes
 I feel a difficulty with being stopped by two or three pieces.

I took a small part from Cheryl's Floral Frame Set for the start. This frame became the
 basis of my work and location on the page. I covered it with green-tinged acrylic paints
and applied the gold-colored wax there.

Then I've chosen two leaves from the Foliage Set 1. I also painted one large leaf and
added it to the frame, adding the small one to the flashlight.

One part of the Doilies continued the central circle composition.

I also covered the Checkerboard Clumps and Turkish Lanterns with
metallic acrylic paint and wax. They help to make this composition much longer.

I love the background chipboard. It looks so great in my works. So I decided to cut
the Turkish Lattice Panel into pieces, covered them with embossing powder &
wax and placed them into various places.

The Berry Vine Set was first covered by different colors of paint,
 and then sprinkled with sprays and placed at an angle.

Thank you all for your attention! I will be happy to read and answer your comments.

Be sure to vusit my Instagram page and see more 2Crafty products in my works.
 Bye-bye! Yulia Pospelova was with you. See you soon