Monday, February 4, 2019

Summer Notebook by Elena Martynova

Hello my dear friends!!!
 I will tease you with a piece of summer inspiration among winter :)))
Another notebook happened in my work!
Soft cozy with a million layers of different lace and a bunch
parts on the cover that I want to touch with a finger :)))
Notebook is designed for a young girl who will write
the best memories of her summer.

I decorated  Frame Retro Set  with butterflies.

 I also added   Lattice Leaves

The notebook is filled with magical aromas of herbs and flowers, a premonition of something exciting. interesting and unusual!

On the first flyleaf I made an envelope for notes and a frame for a photo of a little mistress.

I added to it an elegant chip sprig from the set of
Flourish Adornment Set 5 , and the butterfly flew herself :)))

And maybe the girl will write the most cherished dreams,
and she'll put them in an envelope...

The first page is pink as early-early June dawn!

The first rays of the sun painted a blade of grass with flowers from the Foliage Set 2
the night cool has not yet passed,and the birds are already singing their songs!

The second page is warm and Sunny as the day begins!

 Under the branches of oak so nice to hide from the scorching rays!

The butterfly flew to the pages of the notebook and comfortably settled on them :)))

The third page calls us to swim in the river. Willow twig bent to
 the water, and its leaves tremble with waves.

The fourth page reminds us that twilight is very close. 
Another summer day will live a happy and carefree life.

The forest keeps many secrets, only the attentive will find some of them.
The key from the set of Key Set Lge decorated another big envelope.  
A lot of photos and memorabilia fit in it.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to childhood and summer :)))
Run in and we'll go somewhere else. :)))

2Crafty Chipboard used: