Friday, January 4, 2019

"Moon Child"
By Elena Martynova

Hello my dears!!!
 This is my first layout in  this year for the 2Crafty blog.
 When Prima Marketing  released the Moon Child collection, I fell in love with it!
Space by Prima - my dream come true :)))
For the background I took a sheet of paper with a cluster of galaxies, 
nebulae and incomprehensibly infinite universe!

What is the meaning to invest in a page? 
I looked in the chipboard box to find the right one, and I found some
gears and a clock hands! Something clicked in my head and the picture was this!

To think that the stars and planets floating in the cosmos with unimaginable speeds. 
It just seems that they are still, in fact, their speed of 630 km/s (391,46 mile per second)!

The same time, the surface of our planet it flows from our usual speed,
 but near a black hole slows down... 
How time behaves in the depths of space, we will never know!

Therefore, the clock hands show different times.
 If I could get them to move, they'd be spinning at different speeds.

 Gears painted two colors by Prima: Sparks-Magical Pond 
and Metallique-Vintage Rose, 
and the hands of the clock-Sparks-Unicorn's Hair.

In this layout I have used lots of my favorite 2Crafty chippies.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy crafting!