Monday, November 19, 2018

"Today & Everyday"
by Elena Martynova

Hello dear friends!
This page is about me and my husband. Next summer we are going to St. Petersburg.
This is a very beautiful city in the North of Russia, with stunning palaces, fountains
and monuments & so many different museums too!!
 I was in the Hermitage as a child and I remember its beautiful gates all my life ! I added the
 Iron Gates into the background, like were in the background in my pictures!

"Today & Everyday"

The gate is covered with three layers of Lindy's silver 
embossing powder which  gave the chipbord more volume.

I love the titles so much. 
They are filled with meaning and are made in a beautiful font.

 To make the layout look more harmonious, I added a very delicate chipboard
 Tahnya's 6" Border.

The gates are raised above the page to make them look more voluminous.

Birds from the Birds Set flutter around.

In this photo you can find a lion's head with a ring in its mouth. In St. Petersburg 
there are lions everywhere. (of course not living, and in the form of statues :)))

 I also raised an inscription and put it under the plaster heart.

Exquisite flowers by Freetany Flowers add tenderness and lightness!

In this layout I have used next chippies.


Thank you for stopping by!
Happy crafting!