Sunday, June 10, 2018

June Inspiration by Sabrina Turpin

Hello Everyone!

Weather is warming up as summer is finally approaching here in Canada after a cold, cold winter! I had the chance to do some nice spring sunbathing last week, taking a fun selfie which inspired me for a layout with the awesome 2Crafty chipboard products! Without further ado, I'm revealing my "live everyday with intention" layout:

I've inked the "Foliage Set 3" with pink embossing ink and then stamped a white embossing ink on top to give it a nice texture. Finally, I traced the contour with black ink to give more shadow and make it pop out more.

For the "Flower Medallions", I applied a shabby blue enamel powder. I left the "Interlocking Grid Panel" untouched because I loved the look and different texture it brought to the page.

Finally, I painted the "live everyday with intention" title with diluted metallic gray paint so it blends better while still standing out.

For this layout, I used these following products:
Live everyday with intention: W00226
Foliage Set 3 : M00569
Flower Medallions: M00422
Interlocking Grid Panel: 660033

That's all for today! I hope this layout brought you some ideas for your next creations! See you soon for another reveal.