Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July Inspiration by Tammy Klingner

Hi 2 Crafties!!
Well we are in the middle of winter here in Australia, and where I live it's freezing!

 I always feel a bit flat when it's cold and dreary, so I've created a couple of bright layouts,
 hoping that will offset the cold.......(one can only hope hey)
The first one is titled:


I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:
'Indian Feathers'
'Soft Feather Set'
'Polaroid Assorted Frames'
'Assorted Arrows'
  'Brave Title'

I had these photos of my warrior daughter who dressed up for her High School Sports Day.
I love them and I adore feathers -  as you can see I've used a lot!

I used a couple of different techniques on them.
On the 'Indian Feathers' I applied black paint and then rubbed on some
Finnabair's Acrylic Paint in Opal Magic - Aqua Rose.
This is a cool product. 
On light backgrounds, it comes out a pinky tone, and on a dark background it's this
beautiful teal colour.

To one of the 'Dreamcatchers' and also one of the 'Soft Feathers' I applied
white gesso and then stamped a script stamp with black over the top.
 I finished off with a bit of ink. 
I really love how these turned out.

I painted some of the 'Assorted Arrows' black.

I painted a 'Polaroid Assorted Frame' in green and then stamped a
 triangle pattern onto this randomly.

To create my title I painted the 'Brave' with black paint and then added the  product
 (the same technique as with the 'Indian Feathers').

I then added a few embellishments - some quotes, a flair, an acrylic tepee, some metal arrow heads
 (all available from Kit the Habit), some thread and of course some flicks of black paint.

The final step was to swipe some black paint around the edges of the page.

My second layout is about my brother and I.

It's titled:

"Our Story"

I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:

'Interlocking Grid Panel'
'Circle Frames'
'Just love our Story title'

 I began by applying some white gesso to my dark background paper.

I then added some spritz in bright blue and lime.

I painted the 'Interlocking Grid Panels' in teal paint and then stamped a
 random background pattern onto them.

I painted the 'Circle Frames' in a bright blue paint and then also added some stamping.

Underneath the photo, there are lots of layers and strips of patterned paper, and also a pocket.

My brother's and my story is quite traumatic, and as it has details in the journaling that
 I didn't want everybody to read, I tucked it into a pocket.

A very therapeutic process, getting some of those thoughts down on paper.

Finally, I added my title. 

 I chopped off the 'Just Love' section and left it as 'Our Story'
as this suited the layout much better.

I painted the title purple and added Dimensional Magic to give it a glossy shine.

A few flicks of coloured paint, some thread and it's all done!!

I've included another share today created for a Design Team I am on called 'Scrap the Girls'.

It's based on a moodboard challenge and titled:

"Wild at Heart"

I've used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:

'Fine Heart Borders'
'Follow your Heart title'
'6" Messy Square Frames'

 I trimmed down the title and just used the 'Heart' section.

I then applied white gesso and some watercolour paint.

 I also did this to the '6" Messy Square Frames'.

I applied white gesso to the 'Fine Heart Borders'.

I hope you enjoyed these layouts, and they've inspired you to get creating.

If you'd like to see more of my work head to my BLOG

Much love and warmth