Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hope Wish Dream with 2Crafty
By Jennifer Snyder

'Hope Wish Dream with  2Crafty'

Jennifer Snyder here today to share my latest piece using 2Crafty chipboard. 

Lately I am into soft and dreamy style layouts.  Perhaps that is because it is summer
 where I live and my "summer brain" must be taking over.  I treated the
2Crafty chipboard in a suitable way - painted creamy french vanilla.  

This was created with a Flying Unicorn kit using LemonCraft papers.
 I decided to cut out the LemonCraft journal tags and let them be ornaments
on my page bobbing in the wind  held by 2Crafty "Chain Lengths" chippie pieces.
 My vision for this page is Kitty looking up to the ornaments encouraging her to
 dream wish and hope.  Kitty loves to bat ornaments and dangly things around
with her paws as toys.   The ornaments are symbolic because Kitty is always 
scooting out the back door to freedom in the yard.  

Here are the 2Crafty chipboard pieces I used:
 "Interlocking Stick Panel"
"Formal Flourish"
"Chain Lengths"

This is the "Interlocking Grid Panel".  
You can see that it can have quite a versatile appeal. 

 This is "Chain Lengths" and also can be very versatile.

This is the "Formal Flourish" that adorns my corner photo of my darling cat.

This is a better view of my hanging ornaments. While they are dimensional,
 I feel the "Interlocking Stick Panel" chipboard makes them pop a little more
 by providing texture and depth. 

And yet another view showing dimension.

The "Interlocking Stick Panel" pieces are perfect for tucking here and there as accents. 

My kitty sits atop the "Formal Flourish"  chipboard piece.

"My Inspiration"

This is my second piece I'd like to share.  It's a piece featuring my dad as a young
 20yr old man. This is in his US Navy photo, so full of adventure, excited
 for the future, serving his country and protecting freedom.  

I couldn't think of anything more appropriate than to pair up Maja Life by the Sea
 and some 2Crafty chipboard. I used the "Anchors", Flag Banners" seen a little further down, and the "Hand drawn Stars".

While I have used the "Anchors" before, I just adore them. 
 They are a spectacular, classic and detailed design.  

2Crafty "Anchors"

Hand drawn Stars

You can see the mix and match patterns of the Life By the Sea are so subtle and
 wonderful together - not overstated and not clashing crazy.   You can also see how
 amazingly detailed the 2Crafty chipboard anchor is.  Love this - which is why I 
decided to not cover it with paint, enamel or anything to compromise the gorgeous detail.

 This photo shows the 2crafty Flag Banners  painted white and covered with
 snippets of Life By the Sea as decorations.

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