Monday, August 18, 2014

Helen Tilbury's August Projects
An Off-The-Page Project, a Mixed Media Card & a Layout

Hi everyone!
 Helen here with you again today to share what I have been up to lately!

First up is an altered wood piece.  I've had this piece of wood floating about my
home for over a decade :)  I really cannot tell you how it came into my life but it
has been moved from cupboard to drawer & back again over the years & I was
sick of seeing it!
  I started off  by painting it with white modelling paste & an
old credit card.  This was a fairly messy job & used up quite a bit of modelling
paste but if you use a craft mat the clean up is easy with some wet wipes & a 
trip to the sink.  Use a HARD modelling paste so you get lots of form & structure.

Before I began layering all my elements I used some gelatos on top of the modelling paste,
once I had dried it off with a heat gun.  I used brown, red & blue to match the photo &
blended them over the peaks & roughness of the paste, using a baby wipe.
  The effect adds grunge & a masculine look, which is what I was after.  This piece is a Christmas gift for my daughter's boyfriend.  I also splattered some black Aladine ink at
 the top & bottom to show once the photo cluster was applied.  

I used both sizes of 2Crafty Chicken Barbed Wire {small & medium} as part of my layering.I used about a half sheet of each.  The trick is to cut off sections randomly & slide them underneath your layers {therefore do NOT adhere your layers right at the edge but rather about 1inch in - so that there is space to push elements underneath - I use my awl to do this}.   As I wanted a very rustic look on my chipboard I used gelatos to colour it & wiped them to blend, using some kitchen paper.  I avoided baby wipes because I didn't want to weaken the chipboard with moisture.  I also used one photo adornment from the 
Flourish Adornment set (they come in a set of 4) & 3 out of 4 leaves from the
 "Tiny Leaf Stems" which are a staple for me - use them all the time!

On the leaves I used 3 different colours of gelatos as well as some Aladine ink which
 you can see has given them a lovely sheen.  I used the chipboard to anchor some
gauze underneath it, which works well for a masculine, grungy look, together with 
some mesh fabric in black & beige & some black mesh stamping that I added as 
a final touch, once my photo stack was glued down using a glue gun.

If you like a layered look then chipboard is your very best friend as it can be tucked in all 
over the place & works perfectly for clustering too.  For Mixed Media effects chipboard is 
also perfect as it lends itself to so many different mediums & techniques & is a great product
to experiment with & on.  I always treat my chipboard with a primer (this time I used
clear gesso) as that definitely helps remove the absorbent quality of chipboard which
makes for more bold & vibrant results.  

I'm really happy with how the gelatos worked out on the leaves for the shaded effect & highly recommend  them for use on chipboard to create this effect.  To create this piece,
once you have prepared your wood block (or you could use a canvas in the same way)
get your photos & layer from the TOP TO THE BOTTOM then attach  THE ENTIRE
STACK once it is complete.  Thereafter tuck in your chipboard pieces & mesh.
That is the only way you will get such  a look.  Use your nails along the edges
of the papers to rough them up a bit so they are not entirely flat.  

Now onto project 2 - a Mixed Media card.  This card actually took me 2 hours to create,
which I agree is way too long, but I am not an experienced card maker!  I started with
white cardstock & my new Prima Color Bloom sprays then added some modelling paste
through a stencil.  I use 13arts paste for this as it is light-weight & glossy & you don't
want something too heavy to weigh your card down.  I also sprinkled glass beads
into the wet paste which has made the card rather heavy but with double-cardstock
at the back this can be balanced out as long as you are not posting abroad!

I used the Chicken Barbed wire as before but painted it with white Aladine ink for a pearly effect that is only appreciated in person.  I used the "I Believe in Santa" title
& treated it with Aladine ink straight from the bottle as it has a dropper.  The colour
is very intense & shiny.  Perfect for Christmas!  I always use Tombo Mono Adhesive
(with the green lid) for adhering fine pieces of chipboard.  The strength of it is 
phenomenal but make sure to have a ruler & set-square handy to align your
 words straight quickly as it sets quickly & permanently!!

Lastly I am sharing a recent layout I created for 7Dots Studio, using lots of little bits of
2Crafty chipboard once again.  Behind my photo stack I have used a couple of
 Thistle Shrubs & Leafy Silhouettes.  
These are THE PERFECT EMBELLISHMENT for Australian & African
 scrapbookers as they are so indicative of our dry landscapes.  
After priming my chipboard pieces with regular gesso I misted them to match my layout 
& added some black archival ink to dirty them up a bit.  I also used 5 out of 6 of the 
Leafy Silhouettes.  I love the lightness of them, being able to see the background 
through them makes them blend in so easily & seamlessly.

Don't be afraid to have your chipboard pieces completely covered in the centre, with both
 the top & the bottom sticking out from under your photo stack as I have done here.

 I hope I have inspired you with one of my projects today & you head to
 your nearest stockist  to get your 2Crafty fix.

And remember, to find a 2Crafty stockist near you, drop an email to...

Chipboard is something that should form a part of every scrapbookers stash for the sheer 
versatility of it & it is also an inexpensive embellishment compared to many these days!

Looking forward to sharing again with you next month!



Melenia Agapides said...

Wow Helen, I love your procjects and the fact that you took the time to explain all the details of your creating process!!! Thank you!

Fiona Paltridge Designs said...
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Fiona Paltridge Designs said...

I'll try that again without the spelling mistakes this time!!! lol WOW Helen awesome projects. I love the altered wood idea and the little card is beautiful xx

Di Garling said...

Awesome post Helen. Love the first wood item in particular, such amazing details. Fantastic card & your last layout is fabulous too. Great use of all the chippie pieces my friend. Dynamite effort. Cheers Di

Vanessa said...

Great projects this month Helen, love them all and such an informative post. Thanks for sharing.
Love the wood project, great idea and great choice of chipboard.

Janice Nicholls said...

WOW!!! Amazing creations Helen. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. x

Stacey Young said...

Wonderful creations Helen!!! Great use of the chippies :)

Belle à cropper said...

Helen these are so beautiful ! great work with the chippies, love everything!

Ebony van der Starre said...

These are all so fabulous !!!

Nicole Doiron said...

Everything is so beautiful, Helen!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Oh my goodness Helen, each and every one of these pieces are absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous colours and such awesome designs!! Love them all!! ox

Ella Swan said...

Thanks so very much ladies!!

Marilyn said...

Wonderful projects Helen....looove your Christmas card...awesome!! love the idea of the wood. Beautiful work xx