Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Inspiration by Lindy Gillespie

Hello and welcome to the 2 Crafty Blog.
Today I have 3 projects to show you
featuring lots of fabulous 2 crafty chipboard pieces.
"Simply The Best"

                                                                    2Crafty  Products used:
                                                                        5"Floral Frame
                                                                        Lucy's Frame
                                                                        Fluer De Lise
                                                                       Simply The Best

On this first layout, I have used the 5" Floral Frame.
I have firstly given it a coat of Gesso and then a coat of white distress paint and then
dabbed it with some Versamark grey ink.
Just under the layers, I have used the Lucy Frame, which I have cut into sections
and used the flourish end, and have treated it in the same manner as the frame, without
adding the grey ink at the end, leaving it white.

In this picture, just under the flowers, you will see the large Fluer de Lise, it too has
had the same treatment as the frame, tying everything in together.
On the title "Simply the Best", I have sealed the chippie and then added a layer
of  Distress Stain, then dabbed it with the grey ink, giving it a lovely mottled effect.

  2Crafty Chipboard Products used:
                                                                       Leafy Shrub 2,
                                                                       Nest Of Hearts,
                                                                   6" Tahyna's Border,
                                                                    Film Strip Medium.

I have treated all the chipboard in the same manner.  After a coat of Gesso, the Nest of Hearts
which I have cut into 2 pieces and only used one on this page, has received a dash
of watercolour, which gives it this lovely mottled colour effect.

I have done the same effect on the Leafy Shrub 2 piece, but this time in black.

In this picture, you can see the 6" Tahnya Border and the Medium Film Strip.
Both have been sealed with a coat of Gesso, and then the Film Strip has had a
dab of black ink and the border has been painted with pink watercolour
                                                       For my 3rd project I made two cards.

                                                        2Crafty Chipboard  products used:
                                                                        Lucy's Frame
                                                                          Leafy Shrub 1
                                                                        6" Clock face
                                                                    Sharon's Butterflies

On my first card I have used the cut off pieces for the Lucy Frame (from my first layout), which
has been sealed with gesso and then painted with white distress paint.
I have then added the Leafy Shrub 1 piece, and positioned it around the circle frame, as
if it was one piece, this has been treated the same as the frame piece.

On my second card, I decided to combine different size clock frames from the 6" Clock
Face Frame pack, and once again I have treated all these pieces using a coat of gesso and
then white distress ink, the butterfly from the Sharon's Butterflies pack has then been dabbed
with some blue ink, so tie it into the card background and the flower cluster.

Thanks for calling by, I hope I have inspired you to play with some 
2Crafty Chipboard, and for those of you who may be interested in joining
 this wonderful team, please see our
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