Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chantal Vandenberg's 2Crafty Creations for June! :)

Hello everyone!  I hope my post finds you well!

I have three layouts packed with 2Crafty goodies to share with you all here today...
 so let's get started shall we? :)

First up is a very multi-photo'd layout entitled
 "Olympathon 2012"...

I have used lots of inks on this one, in a soft way, and I quite like how it turned out 
(the background used to be white).

I went for a bulletin board strip look for my layout, to really convey the action
 and excitement of this big and busy day.

I've used these 2Crafty chipboard products;

1. Two Heart Stemmed Borders stand either side of the "board",
 covering the papers' edges.  They have been painted with pink and mint green 
acrylic paint and outlined in a black gel pen.

2. I have journaled onto "2012".  This has been taken from Everyday Font Lower Case
  12" x 12" sheet.  Some of the chipboard has been inked, and some has been left raw...

3. The "Awesome" Word Bubble has been painted with white acrylic paint and
 has also been partially inked.

4. The gorgeous rainbow has been taken from the Weather Bits 8 piece pack. 
 I've painted the entire rainbow with white acrylic paint, then once dried I have painted 
each colour band with coloured acrylic paints.  (You can still easily see the
 indented lines for where to paint after the first paint coat.) 
 I used a  fine black paint pen to clearly outline and define the colours.

5. Lastly, on the bottom left corner of my layout, just above my rainbow off-cut, 
I've used a star which comes from inside one of the tabs from the
 Tabs Assorted pack.  This has been left raw.  :)

Second up is a very pink layout, entitled
 "Heidi's (Impromptu Make-up) Workshop!...

I took sooo many photos of this layout, my camera has just freaked out with 
the vibrant colour I think!  Lol!  I was rolling with the whole painted lipgloss
 look to match the cute photos! :)

I have used the following 2Crafty products for my layout...

1. Rita's Swirly Border runs straight across the page, underneath the photo.
  It has been painted white and then outlined with a black gel pen...

2. Elise's Dress Form comes in a 2-piece set - the decorative 
top layer and a solid base.  I have used them together 
 piece was painted a dark pink, dry brushed partially in places with
 white paint,  then outlined with a black gel pen.  A cute gingham
 ribbon bow and a couple of pearl topped pins add a cute touch.

3. On the top right of my focal photo I've used one part of the
 Corner Elegant Set.  Even though I've used this corner pretty much on the
 photo corner, I've used in in a way as to not obstruct my photo
 (as it's such a close-up).  It looks really pretty this way, a bit like a chandelier. :)

And now for my third layout,  
"Sleepover Fun"
 which you may of recently seen on my blog...

This layout is based on the fun new challenge at "Scrap Around the World".

I've used the following 2Crafty chipboard products;

1. A heart tab from the Tabs Assorted  8 pack - These tabs also have push out
 elements too as a bonus. Here I have pushed out the heart
 (which I'll use on another project, like I did for "Olympathon") 
and backed the chipboard heart negative with contrasting patterned paper. 
 The tab itself has been painted in white acrylic paint and once dried,
 I've dry-brushed pink paint over the top partially and outlined around
 the inside edges with a black gel pen for extra definition.

2. I have used a single decorative border from a pack of Mixed Border Strips
  in four places on my layout.  One piece has been attached on top of the
 above mentioned tab, two have been used on either side of the photo,
 and the forth piece has been attached to the very top right corner of the layout. 
 Each piece has been decorated in the same way as the tab, and the border has
 been ripped (not cut... bwah ha ha!) into pieces and stapled directly onto the layout.
3. The final piece of 2Crafty chipboard is the cute "Fun" speech bubble (seen below)...

...and this has been taken from the Word Bubble 6 piece pack.
  I've given my bubble texture by painting a thick layer of heavy body acrylic paint
 and whilst it was still tacky, I've made a diagonal lines across it by pressing a
 toothpick lengthways onto it... like a reverse stamp. :)

Another great thing about this word bubble is that it forms a great little title block!

Before I go, I'd like to share this exciting news...

My layout "Just Be You" is on the cover of this month's Scrapbooking Memories. 
 I have used two pieces of 2Crafty chipboard on there.  The title, "Just Be You
and a lovely swirl flourish from Swirls 1, a 12" x 12"sheet of beautiful swirls. :)

Well that is all from me for this month! 
 I hope you liked my layouts and until next time, happy scrapping!!!

Chantal :D