Saturday, May 19, 2012

Turn chipboard into enamel ....

I get so excited when a new pack of goodies arrives from 2 Crafty.  Vanessa amazes me how she manages to keep coming up with new ideas for new products ... this time round there are gorgeous little bicylces, mini frames, new scrolly borders .... it's all divine!

Here's a look at my latest 2 Crafty layout:

I have used a new product to colour my chipboard this time.  It's the new Patina's by Vintaj and Ranger which are actually designed for colouring metal - but that's ok, I'll show you how you can use them to achieve awesome effects on chipboard too!

1) Take your chipboard shape (I have used the middle insert part of the mini frame) and place it face down on to the sticky side of foil tape.  Trim around the edges with scissors and sand for a neat finish.

2) Emboss the foiled piece in a Cuttlebug or similar machine.

3) Using the Patina colour "Agate" cover the entire piece.  I simply use my finger to colour it but you could use a paint brush.  Allow to dry (will only take a minute).

4) Squeeze a tiny amount of the "Verdigris" patina on a non stick mat and pick it up with your finger, dabbing it lightly over the embossed part of the foiled piece.  Follow with a little black for added depth.

5) Cover the entire piece with the Vintaj glaze and leave aside to dry.  Make sure the piece is flat while it dries.  This part will take a while, so be patient.

Once the glaze dries it makes the piece look like an old piece of enamel.  Pretty cool huh!

Whilst the patina's are really designed for metal, I coloured the other chipboard pieces on my layout with the patina's as well.  For added sparkle, I went over the top of the border piece with a Stardust pen.  If you don't have one of these .... you need one.  Trust me!

So that's it .... yet another way to turn ordinary chipboard into works of art!

Natalie W xx


Bel Howlett said...

fantastic idea and adds such stunning impact

Di Garling said...

Looks fabulous. Great layout & terrific effects on the chippies. Will definately have to try this.
Di xo