Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blind Scrap - Michelle

I created this layout at a retreat, in what is known as a "blind" scrap.
A blind scrap is where you are given a list of materials you will need, and a set of instructions.
It is then up to you to interpret the instructions as you understand them !
Sounds easy, but it's harder than you think !!!
I found the 2Crafty Follow Dreams Title to be the perfect addition to my blind scrap page !

I have kept the 2Crafty Follow Dreams Title raw to help it stand out from the busy and dark background paper. It also goes nicely with the kraft cardstock. I love how I can use one piece of 2Crafty Chipboard as my layout title - and Vanessa has just made some new ones too ! See this post HERE.

Until next time - Happy Scrapping !

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