Monday, May 23, 2022

"Follow your Heart" ~ by Robin Schelin

Hi Everyone, glad you are here! 

Here at 2Crafty we are ALL about the chipboard!  How we select from the 1000's of beautiful pieces to chose from.  How we alter them, and use them to enhance our projects, and how we try to inspire you with  different techniques.

Today I'm sharing a romantic layout in not so romantic colors!  Green and brown are not traditionally what you would think of using to convey romance.  Hope you like my little "veer from the norm."

"Follow your Heart"

2Crafty magic used:

Foliage Set 8

Skeleton Leaves

Mixed Fine Border Set

Squiggly Heart Cluster

Frame Handrawn Hearts

Heart Clumps

title - Follow your Heart

As always, and I say it all the time, I have first bathed all the chipboard with a generous coating of gesso! Gotta get those true colors and first using gesso is the only way I have found!

I'm starting off with the Foliage set 8.  I have used it under the flowers and leaves to add dimension.  I just painted it with Parchment Acrylic Paint to add interest but not interfere with the colors of the flowers and the hearts.

I painted the Squiggly Heart Cluster with Burnt Umber Acrylic paint, and tucked it in under the flower and the pens.

Here also on the side of the composition is the small border I selected from the Mixed Fine border Set.  I painted it with Viva's My Paper world Soft Color in Light Moss Green.  I used it to transition from the darker to the lighter patterned paper of the background.

And here's the star of the layout, the Frame Handrawn Hearts.  Aren't these frames just gorgeous?  I think they are perfect to frame this picture.  These were also painted with Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint.

Here also is another piece of the Foliage Set 8.  I used them in 3 different areas of the layout, all altered the same way.  Remember the rule of 3's!!  It's all about balance!

Also tucked in here, barely visible, are 2 little Skeleton Leaves. They were first painted with Green Acrylic Paint.  Then I rubbed over them with Art Alchemy Opal Magic Green Brocade Wax.

On the left side of the photo I cut off a few pieces from the Heart Clumps, painted with Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint, and tucked them in around the flower cluster to bring some balance of brown color to the left side of the composition.  And at the top of the flower cluster its another piece of the Foliage Set 8.

Also seen here is the border from Mixed Fine Border Set to complete the separation of the patterned papers on this side of the layout.

For the title, Follow your Heart, I kept it simple and just painted it with Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint in keeping with the flow of colors of the layout.  Sort of bringing the brown full circle around the design.

I hope you like this layout and have found some inspiration to use on your own projects. Chipboard really does make your project pop!  Give it a go!

Until next month, stay safe and stay creative!