Monday, July 5, 2021

"You" by Robin Schelin

 Welcome, welcome welcome to the amazing 2Crafty Chipboard Blog!!

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying this beautiful summer weather!
Well, except for my Aussie friends...Stay warm!!!

Today I am sharing a soft, feminine layout that to me, captures some of the innocence of childhood.

 Hope you like it!


Lovely 2Crafty Chippies I used:

Clock Face Frame

Flourish Adornment Set 4

Doodled Frames

You - Title

On the Clock Face Frame, I wanted it to be subtle, blending in with the stenciling in the
background, also to match the background of the photo.
  I first used white gesso, then dabbed it with a mixture of Distress Grit Paste and Acrylic Paint
a shade darker than what I used on the stenciling.  Then I lightly rubbed a little white gesso
over little parts of it to lighten a bit.

For the Doodled Frames, I again used Distress Grit Paste, (Love this stuff!!), mixed with Acrylic Paint.  I wanted to make the frames the same color as the chair so that they would contrast well against the Clock Face Frame. I also rubbed white gesso over the frames to soften the effect.

On the Flourish Adornment Set 4, I used the same Distress Grit Paste mixed with Acrylic Paint as I used on the Clock Face Frame placing them in the middle of the flower clusters on the top and bottom of the layout.

On the title You, I simply coated it twice with white gesso, dragging my brush down to try to give it a wood effect.

And that's it!  Hope you like soft and girly layouts!  I sure do!  I will be back in a few weeks with some more 2Crafty wonderfulness to share with you! 

Until then, keep safe, stay happy, and keep crafting!!