Wednesday, June 23, 2021

"Forever in my Heart" by Robin Schelin

Hello everyone!  

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Today I am sharing with you a very simple step-by-step tutorial where you can literally throw together a beautiful layout with ease!

"Forever in my Heart"

2Crafty Chipboard I used:

Forever in my Heart - title

Thistle shrub

Clock Face Discs

Fencing wire Panel

Like I said, this is a very simple tutorial.  The last step-by-step I did was total sensory overload! lol!  So I decided to go the opposite direction with this one, and show you that you can get beautiful results without adding a ton of "stuff", or steps, to your project. 

To begin with, after I chose my patterned paper, I cut it down about 1/2 inch then I framed it with black cardstock. Then I cut a smaller piece of the same paper, and framed that, cutting it a little more oblong than square. Then I placed the photo on some black patterned paper cut to match the length of the photo, but extending to about double the width.

I then began placing the chipboard where I wanted it.  I cut the Thistle Shrub into 3 separate pieces and tucked it in on the top left, middle left and bottom right, underneath the photo.  Then I cut 3 pieces of the Fencing Wire Panel and placed the pieces under the photo on the bottom and top.  On these pieces of chipboard I applied 2 coats of black gesso.

For the title, Forever in my Heart, I used Art Anthology Stone Effects Dimemtional Meduim mixed with grey Acrylic paint. Then placed it next to the photo.

Now to start adding the embellishments.  I placed a beautiful Prima Sunflower Spray along the left side of the photo, bending it to wrap around the "Yellow Rose of Texas"!!  (She IS a little Cowgirl, after all!). Then I added a white clock under the rose.

On the right side, beneath the photo, I placed an old metal bicycle I had.  It was too dark, and couldn't be seen, so I painted over it with white gesso.  Then just added some more sunflowers to accent it.

I ended up placing the Clock Face Disc under the white clock to contrast it better, and filled in the flowers a little bit.  (Cause we're never satisfied, am I right?)

Then I added a pretty little bow on the stem on the Sunflower Spray, a few cute butterflies, and it's done!

Easy peasy! 

 I hope you like it!

  Until next time, stay safe and keep scrapbooking!