Monday, April 5, 2021

"Beauty" ~ A Step by Step Tutorial
By Robin Schelin

 Hi everyone. 

Welcome to the blog today. Hope this finds you all well. 

 Also hope you are out enjoying this lovely spring weather!

I'm excited to share my first Step by Step Tutorial with you using beautiful 2Crafty Chipboard.  This layout features my cute little grand daughter and I love how it turned out.  

I hope you can understand my process and can follow along. 


2Crafty Chipboard I used...   

 Clock Face Frames

Corner Genevieve

Fine Word Set 2

Cassie's Swirls

Ok, get ready, here we go!

1. First I got a DIY Heart Shelf from a kit project that I had.  It's made from MDF particle board. I used it because it is nice and sturdy.  I knew I wasn't going to use it the way the kit intended, so I left the shelf out and just used the heart.  I also use 12x12 chipboard sheets as a base for all my layouts.  Makes it nice and sturdy and holds a lot of weight.

2. I painted the heart with acrylic paint, violet mixed with magenta. I painted the whole thing because I didn't know if I wanted to tear the paper, and wanted the purple to show through, if I decided to go that way.  Which I didn't, but that's ok.  I tend to change my mind a lot, lol!

3. I found the paper I wanted to use and cut it to fit the heart, then glue the paper onto the chipboard backing and the heart.  I always use Zip Dry glue for my layouts. 

4.  I glued the paper to the heart just a little off center so the purple on the heart would show on the left side.  I then took the chipboard I wanted to use and heat embossed it with Adirondack Embossing Powder in Eggplant.   I cut the  6" Clock Face Frame  and placed some of the pieces where I wanted the pictures to go.   Then one piece underneath that, hanging off the heart going the opposite direction, and a piece on the top right curve of the heart. Thereby using the whole clock. 
 I took the Cassie's Swirls and cut the bottom off one of them, using the other one whole, and placed them on the upper right of the heart also hanging off.  By cutting your chipboard up, you get more bang for your buck! You can make just a few pieces of chipboard look like you've used much more.  On this layout I used all of the pieces and spread them around.  But I often use the excess pieces I cut off on other projects.

5.  I then added the pictures on top of the Clock Face Frames.  I used cardboard on the back of the top picture so I could get flowers underneath it, and under the bottom picture so it would lay flat on the top one.

6.  Then I chose the flowers.  Just some that I had in my stash.  I wanted a variety of shapes and colors so I didn't use any particular pack of flowers.

7.  Now to start adding the flowers.  I started at the top next to the swirl with the longer stems to fill out that area nicely.

8.  I followed all the way down the right of the pictures to the bottom of the heart, covering part of the Clock Face Frame on the bottom picture extending out to a fill in the bottom of the Cassie's Swirl.

9.  Then I added flowers behind the top picture to balance out the project. 

10.  After the heart was finished, I glued it on the backing.  Then I added the title from the Fine Word Set 2, which I heat embossed with white Ranger Embossing Puffs, and place it on top of the bottom picture.  
And I was finished.  

Or so I thought!!

 I don't know about you, but after I think I'm done with a project, and stand back and look at it, I am rarely satisfied!  I always need more stuff!  This particular one just didn't look finished.


11.  I took the bottom of the Cassie's Swirl that I had  previously cut off and placed it under the flowers beneath the other swirl on the bottom left side. Then I cut off the top line off the Corner Genevieve  and used it to create a double line at the bottom tip of the heart, using the rest of it to fill in the bottom of the layout.  I also added a few more flowers on the bottom of the heart and behind the top photo. Can you ever have too many flowers???  Me thinkest not!! 

12. Lastly, I added 2 white butterflies to add more balance.  With the title being the only thing that was white, I thought it needed just a little more white to draw the eye around the layout.  Remember the rule of three's?  Also added a few 3D Balls scattered around to brighten it up.

So there you have it!  My "12 step"  program for creating this layout!  I hope I didn't confuse you along the way and that you were able to follow my chaos!

Here are some close ups

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and reading through my tutorial.  
I hope this inspires you in some way.

Stay safe and happy crafting!

Robin xx