Thursday, June 4, 2020

Mixed Media Free-form ATC "Birdcages" by Elena Martynova

Hello there, creative friends!

Today I'd like to share with you my new inspiration! 
I made a series of ATC "Birdcages".

I really like to make different interesting things,
 I like to compose all sorts of houses for fabulous creatures. 
And for the inspiration of June, I made some four Birdcages for the fairies.

I'm dismantling my attic again:))) 

And I found a very interesting find. 
These are bird cages for mechanical wind-up birds. 
Once they decorated the girls ' rooms, and then they were banished to the attic for lack of use.
The wind, rain and dust had completely ruined the appearance, the cats had torn apart the
 small furry birds, and all the mechanisms were hopelessly rusty.

All I managed to do was blow away a centimeter of dust,
 disperse the spiders that had chosen the cages as their home, 
and scrape some rust off the bars.

Each bird cage has its own unique title.
 I used Mini Title Stick Set 3 and

The back wall is decorated with a floral chippies from the Corner Flower Vines.

First I covered it with black paint, and then I experimented
 with colored pastes, embossing powders, and waxes. 
I guess if I wanted to do it again, I wouldn't be able to do it :)))

The old mechanisms are made using sets of chipboard gears

Between the layers, I added lace and a lot of different toppings: 
medium and small art-stones, beads and glitter.

I hope you enjoy my idea of unusual ATC))

I used 2Crafty products:

Have a nice day!
–°heers, Elena.