Thursday, March 26, 2020

Layout about memories with Yulia Pospelova

Hello, everybody.
 I am very happy to be here with you again. And today I want to show you my new layout
with some new materials. I received them not so long time ago.
This page is from the School 's paper collection.
But it's not really about it. It is mostly about memories...

2Crafty Products Used:

I've chosen the largest dial from the 6 " Clock Face Frames and divided it into two parts. The clock always symbolizes time.Therefore, they are very useful here. Firstly I covered both parts with blue and turquoise acrylic paint. Then it was darkened with a brown stamp pad

Also I cut the Square Collage Panel background into several parts and added it to my work,
I covered with embossing. Two colors here are gold and the moonlight.

I added a few curls to make the photo of my girl more elegant. (Suzie's Swirls and Foliage Set 3)

I covered one of the Foliage Set 3 by an ordinary black color and partially hid it behind the Window Shutter Set. By the way, the full set wasn't used: only one frame with the coloured film frame.

I also used the small part of Suzie's Swirls.
It's curl was also covered with acrylic paint and slightly darkened by the black one.

I kindly thank you for your attention.
 Yulia Pospelova was with you today.
 See you soon. Very soon, I hope.


Elena Martynova said...

How amazing project! I love the composition and the colours.

Marie Claude Rodier said...

Beautiful layout. I love your color combo and choice of chipboards.

Di Garling said...

Love this Yulia, especially the way you have used the clock frames. 🖤🖤🖤

Charmane Sharp said...

Love it. Fantastic layout Yulia ❤️❤️

Yulia Pospelova said...

Thank you my dear)))

Yulia Pospelova said...

Thank you))

Yulia Pospelova said...

Thank you very much, Di

Yulia Pospelova said...

O, thanks!!!

Lisa-Marie | Scrap Paper Scissors said...

This is really just incredible! I love how the two clock placements draw your eye to your photograph. Amazing!

MARIE S said...

Wow extraordinaire mise en page!

Jenny said...

REally creative , love it!