Friday, October 4, 2019

Altered Bottle by Elena

Hello dear friends!
Today I'm back with a new Mixed Media project.
I was inspired by the sophistication of ancient statues.
 And I wanted to make an object reminiscent of that era.

O confess I never liked decorating bottles, and this time I was pretty skeptical.
However, the result that came out, thanks to the chipboard, exceeded all my expectations!
I got great satisfaction from both the process and the result!
Now I urgently need bottles of all sizes and shapes
 because I just fell in love with this format!

First, I primed the bottle with Premium White Gesso
and then stuck the Checkerboard Panel on.
I wet the chipboard with water so it wouldn't break
 and stuck it to the bottle.

Next I painted it with Bad Girls Couture paints.
I used these shades: Make it rain и Last Sin.

If you look closely you will notice a lot of gears of different sizes
 under the main composition. Since they are painted to match the bottle,
 they are difficult to immediately notice.
However, they add volume and layering to my composition.

I used three sets of gears.:

One of the main decorations is Crown.
 I painted it with paints:

In the same colors I painted the Clock Face Frame and
covered it with Glossy Accents by Ranger. 
Additionally a little tinted alcohol ink.

To add flicker to my work I tinted with wax.
None of my work is complete without toppings.
I glued beads and glitter with Clear Gesso

 I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:

I shall be delighted if you like my work and inspire you to create your own unique bottles.
Don't be afraid to try something new and come back to topics you didn't like before!
Life is full of amazing discoveries, let them fill your life!

Love, Elena!

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