Monday, June 10, 2019

By Sabrina Turpin

Hello 2Crafty friends!

For my layout today I wanted to build around a photo of my pre-teen son showing me his true smile, something that is getting a bit as he's growing up! One moment he can be showing his newfound attitude and the next one he can be the sweetest human being on earth!

With this layout, I wanted to highlight these both sides of him, combining both soft and hard elements. It's one of my simplest layouts in recent times, but I think it really allowed the vibe to come through.


On the smallest circle of the "6" Circle Revolution Frames", I applied red embossing ink an then applied black embossing ink on top. On the "Mini Tags", I applied gray ink roughly and then I traced the contour with black ink. For the title, "Handsome - script", I used gray pearl metallic paint.

On the "Stars", I applied black embossing powder roughly, then dabbed red embossing ink on top so the black and the original chipboard color would stay visible in certain parts. For the "Circular Panel", I used silver embossing powder.

In this layout, I used the following 2Crafty chipboards:
Mini Tags [m00363]
Circular Panel [m00462]
6" Circle Revolution Frames [66030]
Stars [m00265] 
Handsome - script [w00511]

That's all for me today!
 I will be back in a few weeks with more ideas to share with you.
Until then, have fun creating!