Sunday, May 12, 2019

Seems like only yesterday ~ by Marie-France Boulay

Let's have some fun and play with a style:
I wanted an urban page.

So nothing better than fond a beautiful picture made during one of my trips to New York.
I love yellow taxis!

So I really put all the emphasis of my creation on the contrast, white, black and yellow.

To dress the clocks, I went just a matte black paint.

For gears, I chose a mix of black paint, white gesso and dark gray embossing powder to simply add light to my chipboard pieces.

 For the title, yellow paint and black inking on the borders.

Don't be afraid to separate a long sentence for a good fit to your creation.

For me, I simply remove the word "Only".

Here is the material used:

I hope the urban style has you more, next!


Elena Martynova said...

Wonderful layout!!!

Tambaramba said...

This is my absolute favorite!! Love it

Hina Mirza said...

This is fabulous!

MARIE S said...

Splendide toute en harmonie!

Marie Claude Rodier said...

Juste parfaite cette page, tout est harmonieux.

Sabee said...

J'adore les couleurs et le style de ta page!! bravo!