Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"Remember Moments Like This"
By Sabrina Turpin

Hello 2Crafty fans!

This week for my layout reveal I had the inspiration to create something that would push
 me outside my usual comfort zone. I wanted to create something that would have 
a vintage feel while still providing a nice fresh touch. 

I am sometimes not fully satisfied by my purely "vintage" layouts,
 but I'm quite pleased with the balance I struck here.

"Remember Moments Like This"

On the "Poppy's Ornate Frame", I used metallic teal embossing ink 
and then applied black ink on the contour.

For the "Starlink Panel" in the background, I started by cutting it to give it a rounder 
shape and give the impression that the stars are detached from each other. Then I 
applied a pink embossing enamel powder.

On the "Brook's Swirls", I first applied pink ink and then followed by dabbing a copper embossing ink on top. Finally I applied a diluted silver glaze on top and traced the contour with black ink.

For the title, "Remember moments like this", I applied two coats of black
 embossing powder and some teal metallic embossing ink.

2Crafty Chipboards Used:

Poppy's Ornate Frame [FR119]
Brooke's Swirls [M00428]
Starlink Panel [660046]
Remember moments like this [W00306]

I also prepared a video showing how I prepared the layout and
 the techniques I used for the chipboards.


That's all for me today! I hope this inspired you for your own creations.
 Don't hesitate to push yourself outside your comfort zone, and try mixing it up with
 elements you're more comfortable with! I'll be back soon with more ideas.

 Until then, have fun creating!


Marie-France alias Badbarbie said...

love that you made layering chipboards...beautiful!

Elena Martynova said...

Really cool! Brilliant creation!!

Di Garling said...

Awesome & FUN layout. <3

Tambaramba said...

Can’t wait to watch the video a bit later!

MARIE S said...

Wow j'aime beaucoup le rendu de cette page!

Marie Claude Rodier said...

Magnifique. J'aime beaucoup de contraste de couleurs des chipboards.