Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lots of Getting Messy and a Step By Step With Ros

"Getting Messy"

I spent the previous month getting messy and experimenting
with lots of little canvases.  The 3 I'm sharing here, feature a few
of my favourite 2Crafty pieces.

Before we get started....
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The first one above features a Squiggly Heart Cluster.  
I have given it a coat of white paint.
There is lots of bright colour and textures in the background that
I don't think the chipboard needed any further treatment.

My 2nd canvas above is again full of bright colour and texture.

The Revolution Circle Frame is another fave of mine.  I have painted it orange
just done a random smudge of platinum structure paste over this.
It has added a bit of texture and visual interest.
For the Line Word - Happiness, I have coloured this with
my Big Brush pen.

My last canvas features a gorgeous Handdrawn Feather.
One of my absolute fave pieces.
Again I have just painted this white as the background
is so busy.  I have used it as part of my flower cluster.

"Step by Step, Chipboard 4 ways"

1.  Foiling

Did you know that 2Crafty Chipboard can be used in the 
MINC machine?  It's actually the only reason I bought one.  
The MINC toner pen was released a few months ago and as soon as I 
realised that it would be another element to add to chipboard, it
was added to my shopping list.
And it's super easy to do!
Use the pen to "paint" toner onto your chipboard pieces.  You need
to do it slowly as the pen isn't fluid like when you use paint.  
Try and cover your whole piece.  You can see in the 2nd photo that
there are a couple of gaps in the chipboard.  This is from where I have
missed little bits with the toner pen.
All you need to do then is run it through the machine on the highest 
heat setting and you have yourself a gorgeous shiney covered
piece of chippy.  
The look amazing in real life.

The piece I have foiled are Sakura Flowers. The middle of these 
and the Olivia Frame have been coloured with my big brush.
My go to when colouring black.

2.  Acrylic Paint
Acrylic paint is one of the easiest ways to colour chipboard.
It can also be used to add texture.  
In the first photo you can see in the right bottom corner of the
painted tag, that it is raised and a bit lumpy.  This look
is achieved by adding a lot of paint in the one spot.
I've scraped the excess from my paint brush along the edge 
and just let dry.
Once dry I have used some Structure Paste on the tags,
both the large Tags and Mini Tags.
I scrapped a small amount over the raised paint section
on the mini tag.
To add some extra interest to the large tag, I have sprinkled
some glitter in random spots around the tag.
For the Friends Word Circle, I have again just coloured this
with my Big Brush.

3.  Heat Embossing
Heat embossing is a pretty popular way of prettying up your
And it looks so pretty.
I have taken a set of embossing powders and coloured
my pieces in matching colours.  Any of the black pieces have again
been coloured with my black Big Brush.
I have cut the ends off the Dotted Baubles and stamped them
with an embossing pad and heat dried.  I've stapled the 
3 together in a random cluster.
I wanted to emboss the Ornate Dragonfly in different colours.
This is super easy to do if you have an embossing dauber.
There are a few brands that have these available.  They make it
super easy to stamp or paint the embossing fluid where you want it
to go.  Paint a small section with embossing fluid and apply your
first colour powder to this.  Once heat dried, do the next section
and continue until your piece is covered.
It's super easy and looks super gorgeous.

4  Gelatos
I decided to try an ombre look on this one with some Gelatos.
I first picked out 4 different blues and a white and 
coloured with white on the right side, darkest blue on the left and all
the others in between.  It didn't really work though and you could
barely see the gradual change in colours.
I found then that the best way was to colour most of the chipboard 
with the white Gelato and use the darkest blue on the left side.
Then using my fingers I just blended the blue towards the right side.
This then gave a nice gradual change from dark blue to white.
Again, a super easy technique but super effective.
Plus I only needed to use 2 colours.
Once done I just did another layer of white and blue on each end of 
the words and it was finished.
It took only a couple of minutes and finished look is pretty cool.

Whenever I make cards, I try and make a set.  I figure I have all my stuff 
out anyway, and you never know when a card is needed.
I have taken a piece of white cardstock and covered with Whipped Spackle.
Once dry, I have covered with sprays in the matching set of embossing 
powders that I used above.
Then cut my 12x12 into 9 pieces.  Four of those to finish off some cards
for the above pieces and the other 5 have been put away.  I will use
these for future cards or projects.  Little pre done pieces like these are also
perfect for die cutting and layering on layouts.

Thank you so much for joining me today.




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Hello! I love your product. Can I buy it somewhere? I am in Ontario. Is there an email subscription on your site? If not, could you put one? Thanks. x

Rachael Funnell said...

OMG! your Canvases & your Cards are INCREDIBLE.... :)

Tracee said...

Awesome projects, love the foiled chippies Tx

Di Garling said...

Great post Tracee full of great info. Beautiful creation. TFS.

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Fantastic post Ros!! Wonderful work and great ideas on how to alter the chippies :)

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Wow! Such cool projects, Ros! Really beautiful work!

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Amazing post Ros! So cool with the embossed chippies!

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Great bold colors, and I always love a tutorial and step-by-step instructions for us artistically challenged! :)