Friday, May 22, 2015

May projects From Maiko

Hello Everyone!
Maiko here with you today to share my May projects using
 beautiful 2Crafty Chipboards.

My first share this month is ....

"good times"

2Crafty Chipboard pieces used:
Frame Handrawn Hearts
Leafy Shrub Set1
Line words -goodtimes borders

I love heart shapes and also love working with frames, so it was an easy choice to 
choose the  "Frame Handrawn Hearts" for this project.

I applied an acrylic paint to it first and then applied Shimmerz products.

These leafs are "Leafy Shrub Set #1".

Firstly I applied an acrylic paint to  this  "Leafy Shrub Set #1" and next colored it
 with Shimmerz  and then, I colored with olive and Yellow ink.

 I chose this title, "Good Times" for my layout.
I painted with an acrylic paint, Simmerz Inklingz,and White Inks.

My second creation today is ..

"Card and Tag"

2Crafty Chipboard pieces used:
Bubble Clumps
Funky Heart Swirls
Heart Silhouettes
Foliage Set1

I sent this card to my mother on Mother's Day.

I used two kinds of hearts for this card.
These are "Funky Heart Swirls" and "Heart Silhouettes".

I painted these Hearts with an acrylic paint and a small amount of Shimmerz Inklingz.

I made a tag of the same color tone as the card.

These leafs are "Foliage Set #1".
These are simply painted with an acrylic paint ,olive and blown inks.

I used "Bubble Clumps".

Firstly, I painted them with an acrylic paint, 
 next  I painted Prima 3D Matte Gel on it and then I added a small
 amount of Shimmerz  Inklingz, and finally 
 I covered it in Prima Art sugar.

My third and last share today is my Canvas Layout.

"My Wish For You"

2Crafty Chipboard pieces used:
Doodled Heart
Flower Spurt Chain
My Wish for You-title

I love this chipboard.
It is so lovely!

This is "Doodled Heart".
I applied an acrylic paint to first & then
 I added a small amount of Shimmerz Texturez and Inklingz.

This "Flower Spurt Chain "is so lovely too. 
I applied  to an acrylic paint it first  and then applied Shimmerz products.
Next,I applied modeling paste on that after that was put on canvas.
Lastly,I covered it in Prima Art Extravagance Glitter.

Lastly I chose this title for my layout.

 I cut this into two and have arranged it to the right and left of the photo.

These are  simply painted with an acrylic paint   and Shimmerz Inklings.

That is all from me today.

Thank you for visiting!

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