Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April inspiration
By Aida Domisiewicz

Cherish the Moments
Hello 2 Crafty friends!
This is a very special share I have today. 
This layout was created with so many emotions and even now 
when I am looking at it I still can feel them.
The boy on the photo is my best friend's nephew who died of leukemia
 one year ago, at the age of 15.... a very, very sad story, but he was a great boy,
& a real fighter and he never gave up.
 He was so positive, so strong, that we could all learn from him.
 When he was feeling quite well, few months before he died, he wrote a poem
 for his grandma, and this poem is in the page - the first part is written on the layout,
 the second part is hidden on a piece of paper under the photo.
His grandma has already received this layout and she was very touched and happy,
so I am even more happy I could create such a special page
 as a tribute to this wonderful child.
  I used a beautiful, matching  2Crafty Title -"Cherish the Moments".
On my layout I have used the following 2Crafty chippie pieces...
 6" Clock Face Frames,  Winged Heart and Parisian Border.

 The Winged Heart.

Here you can see the 6" Skeleton Clock Frame & you can just
see a glimpse of the Parisian Border at the top of the pic.

Thank you 2Crafty for creating such amazing pieces, 
each project is truly special for me.

I hope I have inspired you today.