Monday, April 29, 2013

April Guest Designer- Emma Stafrace

Hi everyone, Em here again with another of my 
guest designer projects.
This one was a tonne of fun to create and I hope you enjoy the
 3 very easy peasy techniques I'm sharing with you today! 
 Below is my hybrid version of todays layout and incorporates
 the 2 Crafty chipboards listed below.
2 Crafty Products used:
100% Boy Word Art
Film Strip Small
Chevron Bits
2012's Chipboards
12X12 Alpha Dainty Sheet
Often before creating a traditional page I design it digitally first.
 This process is particularly useful when I know I am going to use some
 more involved techniques that require the dimensions to be formatted 
correctly. In this post I am going to share a few cool tips starting with the hero
 element of my design....a handmade retro film negative, which will work
 perfectly with the  2 Crafty   Film Strip Small chipboard.
I  drafted a digital page first so I could work out all the dimensions for my
 traditional page, in particular for all the elements and the film strip.
Digital Credits:
Just My Type Mini Art Journal Kit
Dear Darling Mini Art Journal Kit

Technique 1:
Creating a negative film strip using transparent paper.

Step 1:
Create a digital image of your photo's and adjust them so they are inverted
to create the negative image. When your happy with the contrast and
saturation isolate the photo strip layer in your photo editing program,
cut and save as a new seperate .jpeg file. Reverse the image so that
when it is printed out on the transparency film it will print the right way up.

Step 2:
Upload the newly created file into a word document. Before printing make
 sure you set the printer to Transparency so as not to flood the film
 with too much ink. Once printed, set the transparency aside to allow the
 ink to dry completely before mounting the chipboard frame.
Step 3:
Prepare the frame by giving it a light sand, then paint or ink it black.
 Set aside and allow drying time. Once dry flood it with dimensional magic
 to give it a sheen not unlike the old film negatives. Lastly mount the
 printed transparency under the chipboard frame. 
Set aside until ready to incorporate into your project.

Technique 2:
Don't throw the off cuts away USE them!

Step 1:
Place the negative off cut from the 12X12 Alpha Sheet on top of your base 
cardstock  or cardboard so as it acts as a stencil. Tape the top and
 bottom edges to your craft table to ensure it doesn't move.
 Then spread some Texture Paste over the surface using a palette knife.
 Carefully remove the stencil  and set aside to dry.
Step 2:
After the paste has dried give the surface a sanding to smooth
 it out in preparation for painting.
Step 3:
Paint the surface using gesso. Depending on how opaque you want your
 surface you may need to do a few coats. Allow each layer 
to dry before painting.

Technique 3:
Twinklify your chipboards.
Step 1:
Paint or ink the accent chipboards. Inking is a quick and easy way 
to re-colour your chipboards.

Step 2:
Add some sparkle to your accents using stickles. Set aside to dry.

So there you have it 3 simple techniques to create a page using those fabulous
 2 Crafty Chipboards you have in your stash. Hope you enjoyed them and
 can't wait to see some retro film negatives in your projects tee hee.
 If you would like to see more hybrid/digital  projects you can check out my blog 
Just A Girl With Ideas and say hello.

Ooh and I should say a big thank you to Vanessa and Di for welcoming me
 to the 2 Crafty crew, its been heaps of fun and a nice change to get
 my hands inky again and can not wait to share my next project with you!
Em xo



Di Garling said...

Fantastic post Em. Looooove your technique tip on using the alphabet background with texture paste as a stencil. Great idea. Love this layout too, love absolutely everything about it. Awesome post. Cheers Di xo

Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing so much information about the process Em, extremely interesting and informative. Absolutely adore the layout and love what you did with the chipboard, especially the negative of the alphabet sheet. Love it!

Keren Tamir said...

Fantastic Em!! I Love this LO. Fabulous tutorial.

Sissy Sparrows said...

That is sooooo amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your process. I too loved the alphabet background and the texture you created using the stencil.
Beautiful, beautiful page btw!

Sissy Sparrows

Allie Marie said...

Thanks for sharing this Emma, love the use of recycling with the alphas!! Great idea!! Great Tutorial too...keep sharing Please!!

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing Emma, fabulous boy layout, I love it.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Fantastic post Em!! Love your work!

Margyz Paper Games said...

Totally adorable layout and thank you so much for sharing your techniques. ox Marg

Elena Olinevich said...

What a stunning LO you've made. love your techniques and design

Kim Price said...

Really love this layout Em, and doing a double in digi is fantastic! Gorgeous work.

Lizzy Hill said...

Fab LO, & thanks sooo much for the tips - especially the bg with the alphabet...LOVE how you've done that:):):)

Val Thorpe said...

How clever Em... Love this layout and the background. Will absolutely use this again.

Jan Rankine said...

This is amazing Emma - thank you so much for sharing.

Nicole Doiron said...

This is beyond amazing!!! Love how you created the background! Hope you don't mind if i steal this idea for later use (giving you credit of course!!!) WOW!!

lindy Gillespie said...

Just love both pages - great techniques you used also -couldn't pass up saying he's such a cutie!!!

Linda Eggleton said...

Wow, this is just awesome, Em. Thanks so much for sharing your cool techniques :)

Heather Jacob said...

OMG this is so awesome .. loveeeeeeeeeeee it so much .. thanks for all your inspiration xoxo

Chantalle said...

Such an inspiring post!! Love all the technique tips

Johanna said...

such beautiful pages! Thank you for sharing your techniques. I love the alphabet one as well. So clever!! :)