Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A little announcement...

So this year I have learnt a few of life's little lessons
Thou shall not take life to seriously, like seriously??
Thou shall learn to manage time, where are those extra few hours??
Thou shall be happy in ones skin, even if it is slightly wrinkly *wink*
Thou shall try very hard to bite ones tongue, even if all I want to do is shout from the roof tops

"I'm a Scrapbooking Memories 2012 Master"

Say what now??

Yeah I know,

I couldn't quite believe it either when I got the call,
I had fallen to the floor
I remember words like these were used a lot

"are you sure"
"your not kidding"

I'm sure there was more,

but I was in shock so I didn't really take on board much of the conversation

I tell you it has been hard, really hard trying not to say anything!

Thank you for letting me share in my excitement!
Stay tuned
for tomorrow I will have another announcement


1 comment:

Bel said...

Congrats, you should feel honoured and excited. WHen is the mag out?
Can't wait xxxx