Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween ! - Michelle

Love it or hate's Halloween !
The practice of "trick or treating" has really taken off in Australia over the past few years and I've taken some very cute photos of the local kids who come knocking at my door. Tonight I took Caden "trick or treating" for the first time. He loved it (well, all the treats he got anyway !) No photos unfortunately, but he did lend me his "stash bag" for the photo shoot. Here are some very quick and simple cards for Halloween, using some of the awesome new 2Crafty Halloween pieces - ghosts and Broomstick Witch (bats included LOL).

Until nextime - Happy Scrapping & Happy Halloween !


Paula said...

Brilliant 'spooky' cards Michelle :)

Susan Longman said...

Spook-a-licious em