Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UFOs - Belinda

Unfinished objects...I don't have many but this layout was driving me NUTS. It has sat for nearly 2 years, just needing something to finish it, complete it.

Here is the before......

Here is the after........

It just needed some colour and ....."Something"!!!!
These gorgeous 2Crafty Flowers just give the layout the needed lift and dimension. They look fantastic under hand made flowers like these.

The front panel on the front of this layout lifts to reveal journaling underneath. What life was like for me at 32, documenting lots of facts and feelings.

With a long weekend coming up I hope you find some time to grab any UFOs you have and get them finished.....I'm happy I did.

1 comment:

KerrynF said...

Feels great to finish a project off and it looks gorgeous. I love the idea of the fold out section.
Amazing what a little colour can do.