Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby of mine - Anthea

Ever find yourself looking back at your older photos?
I think as I'm feeling a sense of 'cluckiness' I am
well when your surrounded by new babies haw can you not miss your own when they were babies
I miss the smell the most
well that and the look of love they gave you
you know
when they look deep into your eyes and you know that they know your their whole world
especially at 2 in the morning LOL

Well now that I think of it like that I'm not quite sure I miss it that much

Anyway this photo is of my middle boy who is now 6 O_o
He was resting on me after a feed
well asleep
but I didn't have the heart to put him to bed
he was so peaceful

On this layout I have used the larger outer frame from the Scalloped frames set
I love these frames!
I must remember to get more
; )

On here I have sprayed it with Marshmallow Glimmer Mist and then while it was still wet I sprinkled on a little White Embossing powder.

Now a little tip, white embossing powder isn't going to stick for long
work fast with that heat gun

I quite like the look of it sprinkled on there sporadically though
don't you..



Bel said...

The frames r gorgeous and your layout is too!!!

KerrynF said...

Absolutely beautiful piece of work Anthea. Love the colours and of course your frame.