Friday, January 7, 2011

Technique Class - Using Twinkling H20s

So haw are we all feeling after New Years?
Did you celebrate the New Year in in a special way?

This year we had my Brother and his Girlfriend staying over so we saw the New Year in with them and some friends, its was a great night and the first time in a while I have made it to midnight LOL

Anyway today I am here to share a technique with you.
I love to use Twinkling H20s on my chipboard, I was worried when I heard that they were going to stop making them, but then relieved when I was told this decision had been reversed LOL.

So what you need is to get your layout ready and then to pick your chippie pieces

You also need some Twinkling H20s and a Water Brush (sorry not even sure if that is the 'technical' name) Or a fine brush and a cup of water will do.

For this page I have used Aussie Santa.

Then start painting.

Twinkling H20s are like kids paints where they are a dry pot that needs to be wet in order to get your paint. The more water you use the runnier it becomes and that causes the paint to spread which you don't want on the chipboard if you are working with a detailed piece of chipboard like I am.
Also if you leave the water to sit in the pot for a little bit the paint will become thicker and that will allow you to get a good coverage and mix in some tones like I have.

I start with the lighter colours first, and then work in the darker ones.

When I am happy with the colours I then go around lightly dabbing on some ink to add some definition and more toning to the design.

I wanted to add a little more to my chipboard piece so I put on a little Dimensional Magic and sprinkled on some white glitter.

Then when you are happy and it has dried add him to your project.

I have also used Fine Snowflakes, Snow Flakes and

Don't forget about our current challenge which has been extended until January 15th!! you could win yourself a pack of 2Crafty Chippies!!

All you have to do is upload a project using 3 or more 2Crafty Chipboard pieces!! Don't forget to link it up!!



KerrynF said...

Stunning looking Santa Anthea!!
It is one product I have never used, but I think you havew inspired me to give it a go. Love the page.

Michelle W said...

Fantastic !!!
I haven't tried these either. Might have to invest in some. Lovely work as always Anthea !