Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tristans Girl - Anthea

My brother has the most adorable little girl, she is so well behaved and loves to be around my boys. This little girl is of the furry kind and well we all love her!!

 Isn't she something!!

I have used Doggy Frame

and a couple of pieces from the Doggy Things set
All of these pieces were coated in some Distress Inks, I have used the Technique I shared this month with the frame and on the little puppy dog I have added a little Dimensional Magic to her nose.

Don't forget about our challenge, entries are due at midnight tonight, would love to see some last minutes ones in there =)



KerrynF said...

Such a beautiful soft page Anthea, love it all!!

Tammy said...

Cute cute page Anthea!