Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Technique Focus - Anthea

Hi there.
Today I come to you to share a Technique.
I was a little stumped when it came to picking one as there are so many out there and the girls have already shared some amazing techniques with you. So in the end I picked one that I use frequently and love a lot.
Today I am going to show you how I add tone and dimension to my chipboard without much effort at all.

What you need is some Inks and Chipboard. 
I use stamping inks, these smaller ones are awesome to work with, the tear shaped ones in particular as they can get into all the smaller hard to get to places. You will need to work out a depth in colour which will help you to work out how many colours in the inks you will need.
You will find this chipboard piece HERE.
 First I give the chipboard piece a good coating in White.
 Then I start to build the colour up. Remember not to press to hard when doing this as you want an all over even coat of your lightest colour (next to white)
 Then I start to work the darker tones in. You will find that brand new ink pads are loaded with ink, this can work for or against you. In this instance it is my friend, I start in the middle of the chipboard lightly rolling the ink pad towards the outside of the design, as the ink pads have a lot of ink in them it will leave a nice darker edge on the chipboard. By applying the ink this way it will help to add the darker edge.
 Now for my final layer of colour. This time I have kept to the edge of the chipboard piece as to keep just the outside of it the darkest.
 Now for some fun. You can leave the chipboard piece as is or..............................
You can add another level of dimension to it.
I have coated the chipboard piece in Dimensional Magic then lightly sprinkled on some glitter. Leave this aside to dry.
 Here it is all dry and on my layout.

 I have also used this technique on the Flag Banner
With the Scallop banner I added some patterned paper to the middle to make the pop

So there you have it.
Not much to it, can be a quick and easy way to brighten up your chippie pieces and to add some shape and movement to them. Would love to see if you give this technique a go, if you do be sure to let me know and you never know I could feature your layout right here on the blog!!


Chloe :-) said...

THank you for this little tutorial Anthea! Love this look and now I know how to do it ;-)

Terri said...

Awesome Anthea, thanks for sharing this wonderful technique

KerrynF said...

Love your technique Anthea, for a simple technique it has a BIG impact. Looks amazing on the 'Cute' flags. Thanks for the tips.