Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Singapore - Anthea

So as some of you know I went on a little holiday over seas. My partner and I traveled to England and Singapore and it was amazing!! Look out cause in my coming posts I will be posting more about our holiday, especially as there are now a few new designs relating to travel!!

So here I have a layout about Singapore, you may or may not know Singapore is famous for the Merlion. It is their National Symbol. There is a larger one on Sentosa Island, while we were there they were doing some work around it so there really wasn't a good photo op, BUT there is a smaller version Further around Singapore. On our last day it rained all day long, but we spent the day on foot wondering around and taking snap shots, these are just 2 of those.
So on the Singapore title I have given it a good cover of ink and then a nice spray of Glimmermist, I love how this colour (Marshmallow) lets the under colour shine through yet adds a shine and opaqueness to the ink.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will share with you our next challenge and the girls samples, you'll be blown away!


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KerrynF said...

The title looks fabulous, must remember to get out my marshmellow glimmermist. Lurve your flowers too!